Kansas City Dietitian Discovers Detox Diet

Kansas City Dietitian Discovers Detox Diet

A few years ago I attended a conference for medical professionals.  At the conference I was introduced to a detox diet.  I was stymied.  This flew in the face of everything I had learned in human nutrition or physiology classes.  These so called medical experts would have been great snake oil salespeople. 

I know you want easy fixes.  I know you want to fix your health with a simple  thing.  I know you want to spend lots of money on detox treatments (and no money on bona fide appointments with dietitians.)  But friends, it ain’t that easy. 

However, I do have the answer.   Due to high demand I have created a wonderful detox diet.  It helps your blood to have less sugar floating around in it.  It helps your blood to have fewer fats floating around in it.  It helps your colon to be super healthy. 

I would like to sell it to you for, let’s say, $19.99.  And if you order within the next 10 minutes I will sell you 2 for the price of 1.  And I will throw in a set of plastic measuring cups.  Such a deal! 

Or you could just go to my website and click on the One Day Diet and read all about how this detox diet works.  And it does indeed work. 

So, thanks to Wonder Dietitian you have just saved $19.99 plus the other money you were going to spend on that expensive supplement that is guaranteed to detoxify you.  If you add these together you have more than enough to spend on an appointment with a dietitian.  Unfortunately for the dietetics profession and quite fortunately for you, dietitians are cheap.  (Don’t take that the wrong way.) 

To schedule an appointment with me just reply to this email.  I will be happy to share the details with you. 

Now I am going to clean out my inbox and detoxify my computer. 

Later Gator!  WD

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