Dietitian in Kansas City is Refined-sophisticated, superior, polished, distinguished

Dietitian in Kansas City knows what you are thinking.  That Wonder Dietitian, who does she think she is?  There she goes tooting her own horn. 

Aha!  But you are wrong. 

I am talking about the concept of refined carbohydrates.  And let me tell you, these little sweeties are certainly not sophisticated nor superior. 

I like to call them “naked carbs.”  Before we get too crazy here let’s look at the whole concept of carbohydrates.

1.  Carbohydrates are the energy source of plants. 

2.  Carbohydrates are made up of strings of sugars. 

3.  If we remove the yucky stuff like the husk, bran, and germ of a plant it will taste sugarier.  (Yes, this is another made-up word.)

4.  The husk, bran and germ of a plant contain all of the nutrients.  The sugarier stuff just contains sugary stuff. 

6.  Thus, the naked sugars left after all of the nutrients have been removed are essentially naked carbohydrates.

7.  I wish Wonder Dietitian would quit numbering every sentence. 

8.  Examples of naked carbohydrates include sugar and flour.  Foods made with sugar and/or flour contain naked carbohydrate calories with no real nutrient value. 

9.  Foods we like to eat that fall into this category include breads, pastas, white rice, and treats like cookies and cakes and deep fried Twinkies. 

10.  So, I ask you, can a naked carbohydrate be sophisticated, superior, polished or distinguished?  Me thinks not. 

Love, WD

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