Kansas City Dietitian Reports a Robbery!

The Great Grain Robbery Reported by Kansas City Dietitian Glenna Moe
I would like to report a robbery. Yes, my grains have been robbed. They have been left naked and bruised.
Wonder Dietitian to the rescue! I will save these poor grains from violence.
I will take brown rice, toast it and then boil it with lovely fresh garlic and onions and peppers. I will serve ½ cup of it proudly.
I will also take quinoa, and treat it with the same dignity that all grains deserve. It will enhance my protein, fiber and nutrients for the day.
I will boil freshly made spelt pasta, drain it add fresh garlic and toss it with delicious olive oil. Then I will serve it with garden fresh marinara sauce.
I will protect oats. I will not roll them over and over again until they turn into powder and plunder them with fake apple flavoring and cover them with naked sugar molecules.
Today I am launching PETG! People for the Ethical Treatment of Grains! Join me in my fight! Save the grains!
With Love to you and to all of my little grain friends! WD