Dietitian in Kansas City Discovers How Genes Express Themselves

Dietitian in Kansas City Discovers How Genes Express Themselves

Imagine a dark smoky bar.

Now imagine a gene sitting at the piano singing a smoky blues tune.

Imagine a Soho loft, strewn with artist’s paints and brushes.

Now imagine a gene sitting at the canvas, intently emoting through his brush strokes. 

Imagine a bare wooden stage with X’s taped on the floor, spotlights highlighting a dancing gene. 

These are all ways you might imagine a gene would express himself. 

However, you are wrong!

Imagine Wonder Dietitian swishing to the rescue wearing her mighty cape. 

Genes actually express themselves in a variety of ways.  For example, certain genes react violently to the presence of saturated fat in the blood.  That reaction sets off a cascade of plaquing events. 

Another gene may be reactive to “naked carbohydrates.”  These naked creatures set them into a frenzy of high blood sugars.

Your gene’s responses can be somewhat predicted based on your heredity. 

However, you are unique (like everyone else in the world) and yours will behave a bit differently.

Imagine a spa resort, softly lit room filled with calming aromatherapy and rhythmic ocean sounds.

Now imagine a gene completely at rest in this room.

This is how your genes feel when they find themselves in the presence of Sexy Veggies and Whole Grains.    

Take your genes to the Spa.  It’s a great place to be!

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