Kansas City Dietitian is Honored

Kansas City Dietitian is Honored….by Independence Day.

I do appreciate the government’s support of my Simple Diet.  It is humbling to realize that it means so much to every American.  In March the public schools took one week vacations in honor of National Nutrition Month.  And now in July we will celebrate the 4th sexy veggie color.  Yes, today is July 1 and we honor it by eating a wide variety of blue fruits and veggies.  I started my day with blueberries and blackberries.  Tomorrow on July 2 we will honor the wonderful color of red.  To do this we will eat watermelon and tomatoes.  On July 3 we will load our plates with orange delights such as cantaloupe and peaches.  And then on July 4 the entire nation will stop what they are doing and spend a minute in silence being thankful for the last but not least Simple Diet color-Green

Thank you America for embracing my Simple Diet in such a wonderful manner.  Everyone will be talking about eating healthy protein (hot dogs and brats are not on this list) and the 4 colors- blue, red, orange and green.  And at the end of the day everyone will watch fireworks light up the night sky with these 4 colors. 

God Bless American and the Simple Diet!  And may God bless you and keep you safe on the holiday weekend.

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