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It is time to advance to the next step in the Simple Diet.  I know it is hard to get past Step 1 but I have great faith in you (and I am getting tired of talking about breakfast… Sheesh!)

So after you have chosen at least two healthy protein options for your meal, the next step is the most fun of all.  Yes, finally we have advanced to SEXY VEGGIES!  I have had thousands of emails asking me to please talk about Veggies.  (I tend to be a bit delusional.)  I am finally going to reveal an ancient secret.  Veggies are Sexy!  We are not talking about any old veggies here.  No, we are talking about SEXY Veggies.  Rich, deep, curvaceous, luscious, succulent, voluptuous Veggies!  Need I say more?

Today we will start with the Sexiest Color of all- BLUE!

Be sure to include Blue/Purple in your diet every day- blueberries, blackberries, purple onions and cabbages, purple lettuces, plums, beets, deep purple grapes, etc.  These contain a group of nutrients called anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants.   Research suggests that eating blueberries prevents some of the effects of aging by improving cell communication in the nervous system.  Research has also shown blueberries improve short-term memory, balance and coordination and thwart cancer tumors. To top it off they are also low in calories.  Don’t let a day go by without purple!

WHEW!  We will stop here.  We won’t move on to the Reds yet.  It would be too much for many of you to handle in one day.  Baby Steps…Baby Steps…Baby Steps…

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