Kansas City Dietitian Presents New Knock Knock Joke Diet

Yesterday we talked about Orange. Orange you glad I’m not going to tell you another Knock Knock joke today? 

So, what’s the big deal about orange?

Vit. A for eye health
B1 to create energy from blood sugar, keeping blood sugars normalized 
B2 to also create energy
Biotin to keep sweat glands, nerve tissue, blood cells, skin, hair and male sex glands healthy
Vit. C the most effective water-soluble antioxidant, slows LDL oxidation, protects against some cancers, also protects parts of the eye against oxidative damage and may prevent cataractsalpha tocopherol the most potent fat-soluble antioxidant, reduces LDL oxidation, has a anti-clotting function, plays a role in immunity, delays the onset of Alzheimer’s, anticancerfolic acid reduces homocysteine, reduces depression, prevents neural tube defects, reduces risk of colon and rectal cancer
Pantothenic Acid for a healthy metabolism
Calcium to keep bones and teeth healthy and for health of all cells, also helps heart muscle to relax
Copper for healthy red blood cellsIodine to keep thyroid gland healthy
Iron for healthy red blood cellsmagnesium to keep bones, teeth, healthy, keeps metabolism healthy, reduces risk for diabetesmanganese reduces risk of diabetes
Phosphorus required for all chemical reactions in the body
Potassium to keep heartbeats normal
Selenium to may prevent premature aging, alters the course of cancer by helping certain enzymes protect cells against damagezinc makes up part of the insulin hormone, helps in the senses of taste and smell
Phytochemicals found in orange:alpha carotene is related to a reduced risk of lung cancer and may slow proliferation of cancer cells
Beta Carotene plays a role in slowing the progression of cancer, is related to decrease risk of lung cancer and oral cancers, enhances immunity, helps prevent cataracts and slows plaque buildup in arteries beta cryptoxanthin is related to a decreased risk of cervical cancer
Lutein and zeaxanthan protect against age-related macular degeneration
Flavanones-hesperetin and naringenin-which prevent cell oxidation, chelate (bind) metals, stimulate the immune system and also reduce an allergic response, prevent formation of carcinogens, impede cancer cell growth and protect against bacteria and viruses

Just a few of the nutrients found in orange fruits and veggies.

And that my friends is the big deal about orange!  Have you had something orange today? 

Knock Knock.

Who’s There? 


Lettuce Who?

Lettuce talk about Green soon.

I hear you-Ugh!  Stop with the Knock Knock jokes.

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