Flaxseed Oil or Snake Oil?

I have lots of clients who take lots of supplements. I am in the process of developing my own supplement. I ordered a bunch of empty gel capsules from China. I am looking for ground up stuff  to put into  them. I might try a combination of baking soda and cocoa powder. I will sell them as high in cocoa antioxidants. I will sell them for large amounts of money. If you buy one bottle in the next 10 minutes I will send the second bottle for only $19.99.  Hurry, supplies are limited. (I get tired of pouring the cocoa into those little bitty capsules.) Do you think it will sell? I bet I could get on Dr. Oz’s show. Maybe he would even let me do the Carol Burnett mop and bucket routine. (See previous blogs about Carol.) 

Are supplements safe? Should you take supplements?  The answer is multi-dimensional. Some supplements are very valuable and very safe. Follow the 4 C’s for buying supplements:

Cost–Many of the very expensive supplements offer very little health benefit. Often you can find a replacement that is just as effective.  

Contents–Read the label carefully. Know what you are taking. 

Country–Where is it produced? Countries have varying standards of purity.   

Claims–Are the claims grandiose? Can it cure everything, including hangnails? Buyer Beware! 

If you have concerns or questions, ask your physician. If you are taking prescription medications, the supplements may interact with these medications. You can also ask me. I would be happy to give you accurate information regarding supplements.   

Now I need some help from you. Does anyone know where I can get a teeny tiny itsy bitsy funnel to use to fill these little capsules?

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