6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Have you ever heard of the game, “6 degrees of Kevin Bacon”? It is based on the idea that every actor can be linked to Kevin Bacon within 6 movie roles or less, (based on the theory of six degrees of separation). Ok hold that thought.
When Fusion Wellness was created it was based on the concept that it would be a fusion of all topics on wellness. With that being said, we tend to stick to what some may say is a narrow field. This week we are going to stray from our usual topics with a three part series (today plus two more) on “Mommy Nutrition”. The KC Dietitian was recently asked to give a presentation on pre-and post-natal nutrition, this series is a combination of what I have learned in my own experiences and what science says.
Back to the bacon. Maybe we should pick an actor with a less nutritionally controversial name: Eminem (M&M)? Nope. Coco(a) Channel? Nope. How about Halle Berry or Eve Plumb (Jan from The Brady Bunch)? As you know the KC Dietitian loves her fruits and veggies, and I don’t know too many people with the last name spinach or swiss chard so we will have to stick to the fruits. 
We are actually not that concerned if you are connected to Kevin Bacon or Eve Plumb but we think you are connected to some people that may find our series interesting. We think that everyone is connected by 6 degrees or less to someone who is expecting or a new mommy. This three part series may not really relate to you but it might to someone you know. We want you to share this and we are going to reward you for it with a chance to win a cookbook. 

How do I win a cookbook?

  1. Like Fusion Wellness/theKCDietitian if you haven’t already on Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Share us on Twitter or Facebook. You can share (retweet) one of our posts or write your own but be sure to tag you favorite mommy or mommy-to-be friend and use #KCdietitianTeachesNutrition . 
  3. We will make our selection on April Fool’s Day! So get busy sharing! Each share with a different mommy’s tag gets you another entry. 


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