Kansas City Dietitians’ Spring Clean Eating 2-Week Challenge

If you have been following the Kansas City Dietitian from the midwest then you know that our long awaited spring is here, and we earned it one snow day at a time. But if those snow days have left you with a few extra numbers on the scale then it’s time to retrain your brain with the Kansas City Dietitians’ Spring Clean Eating 2-Week Challenge. Join the Kansas City Dietitians as we shake off our winter bluejeans and slide into our spring skinny jeans. Below is an interactive worksheet that you will use to decide which disciplines need work in your life. 


2-Week Spring Challenge

List a food that you cannot live without ______________________________

Circle 3 foods on this list that you will not have during the next 2 weeks


Easy ———————————————————————————–>    Hard

Cookies                       Candy                         Pasta                           Bread


Brownies                    Pizza                           Cheese                        Sugar


Chips                          Crackers                     Burgers                      Cereal


Hot Dog                      Fast Food                    Lunch Meat                Packaged Food


Pop                             2% Milk                      Juice                            Gatorade


List the three things that you circled and list an alternative:

Example: Cookie, Protein Bar

Food Selected                                Alternative









Circle 3 foods on this list that you will have at least 10 times in the next 2 weeks.


Easy —————————————————————————————————->   Hard


Banana                       Apple                          Strawberries              Blueberries


Carrots                       Celery                           Spinach                      Beans


Onions                        Lettuce                       Peppers                      Kale


Olive Oil                      Brown Rice                 Plain Almonds           Tofu


Chicken Breast          Oatmeal                      Quinoa                        Plain Greek Yogurt


List the three things that you circled and list which food you currently eat that you are replacing with these healthier alternatives.

Example:    Oatmeal,   Frosted Flakes Cereal

Food Selected                                Replaced







Here is the downloadable  challenge form. Print it off and put it someplace that you will see it every day for the next two weeks.

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