Paleo goes Noveo

Out with the old and in with the new!  This is the motto of week  4 for the Fusion Wellness New Year’s Challenge. You may have heard of the caveman or Paleo diet, but have you heard of the Noveo diet made popular by the Kansas City Dietitian?

This week the Kansas City Dietitian is taking the Fusion Wellness New Year’s Challenge to new heights with the Noveo diet.  We want you to rid yourself of your Paleo habits (paleo literally means old) and take on Noveo habits (Nov is the root word for new).  Last week, was step one in the Noveo diet, adding ch-ch-ch-chia to your diet. This week the Noveo diet focuses on fruits and veggies, by incorporating at least one meatless meal.

Benefits of going Noveo:

  1. Play with your food: Rather than thinking of boring meat as the main item and building your meal around it, the Noveo way is to pick your veggie first and build your meals around it.
  2. Heart-Health: Following a Mediterranean Diet, which is largely meat free, can reduce your risk of heart disease by more than 1/3.

To go meatless this week try our favorite toasted quinoa recipe. Be sure to post your novel Noveo recipes on our Facebook page.

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