Meatless in Seattle

Meatless in Seattle, a Blockbuster Dietary Drama

Don’t you love that movie?  Tom Hanks is up in the middle of the night trying to figure out what to make for dinner the next night.  His son calls in to a cooking show to help him get recipes and Meg Ryan is listening on the radio and knows that her quinoa recipe is just what he needs….It just makes me cry every time I see it.

If you are thinking something is amiss you might be right.  However, the key point in this discussion is to notice that it is possible to fall in love with meatless meals, even in Seattle in the middle of the night or on Valentine’s Day on top of the Empire State Building.  So, no matter what side of the country you live on you can enjoy meatless meals.

Once again I have to mention the Mediterranean Diet recommendations.  The researchers created 3 meatless meals per week.  These consisted of things like nuts, beans, quinoa, brown rice, lentils, whole grain pastas…. (and don’t forget the Super Sauce.)

A favorite easy dish to prepare is:  toasted quinoa, cooked with the super sauce and then combined with black beans, topped off with some toasted almonds.  Easy to prepare, tastes yummy and is a great meal to eat while watching Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan movies.  I also love the one about Email.  Meg Ryan owns a cookbook shop and teaches children how to cook and Tom Hanks closes it down…  with his Mega Chain organic grocery store….. makes me sniffle just thinking about it.

Luv, WD

A Dietitian who is Meatless in Kansas City


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