A Starchy Kansas City Dietitian Plays One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four

Some nutritionists get a little crazy.  (Of course, I am not one of them) They say you should not eat potatoes and corn because they are “starchy.”  They tell you that an avocado is a fruit.  They tell you a tomato could be either a vegetable or a fruit.

That is all just crazy talk!  (Although, some dietitians swear that it is all true!)

Do you get confused?

I can clarify this confusion by going back to the wild and crazy Mediterranean Diet. 

This diet actually lets you eat potatoes and pasta!

And it doesn’t even care if you call them starchy.

Can you believe it?

No wonder those crazy Mediterraneans are able to keep on their “Diets” while we Westerners are on and off diets as fast as you can say “Vegetably.”

Yes, you can eat a potato or pasta topped with the craziest of all “Saucy Sauce.

Of course, portion size does matter.

Inhaling a bucket of spaghetti is not on the Mediterranean diet.  A baked potato the size of Idaho is not a good choice, either.

Prepare a cup of pasta, cover with a cup of super sauce, top with a tablespoon of pine nuts and sprinkle with a tablespoon of freshly grated cheese. Pair that with a salad and you have a lovely little meatless meal. 

So if an avocado is a fruit then is watermelon water?  Does a pear have to be eaten as a pair?  Does a carrot truly care?  These are such confusing nutrition dilemmas…..

Luv, WD

A starchy Kansas City Dietitian

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