Where Did Wonder Dietitian Go?

Blog written by Glenna Moe, Kansas City Dietitian

Have you been wondering where Wonder Dietitian went? 

Submit your guess to win the “Where Did Wonder Dietitian Go? “Contest.

Choose one of the following:

  1. I have been in treatment for severe depression after the USDA disqualified me from their dumb old contest.  Can you believe it?  To those of you who voted faithfully I want you to know that I really appreciate your help.  And if you want to write a hate letter to them, that’s OK by me. 
  2. I have been at a “fat camp” to help me to lose all of the weight I put on in December.  You can also guess how many pounds I gained.  But, in return I get to watch you as you weigh on my scales. I promise I might not put it on my website. 
  3. I have been hired by Paula Dean to modify all of her recipes to make them heart healthy and to help control her newly diagnosed diabetes.  It is a good thing I negotiated my charge per recipe and not per hour.  Modifying her recipes was a no brainer- I just threw all of them away along with her butter,  fry pan and fryers.  You may see Wonder Dietitian flying across her website in the days to come.  Watch for flying sweet potatoes and beets! 


(Speaking of sweet potatoes and beets- in the last week I have served roasted beets and roasted sweet potatoes.  One of my sons–in-law having tasted a roasted beet for the first time asked his wife if she would make them for him again.  My other son-in-law would not even taste the roasted sweet potato.  Guess which one got the extra credit points.  OK, now guess which one got the most nutrients?  My advice to you is: Do not have a mother-in-law who is a dietitian.  It can be a real drag.) 


4.    I have been busy rocking my most handsome and smartest in the whole world grandson (who WILL eat roasted sweet potatoes) and also trying to fatten up my teensy daughter. 


Make your choice and win!

(Prizes will be awarded by the USDA Choose My Plate.gov committee.)

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