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Isn’t ZEST a great word?  I have heard this word used often by Vampires.  “Come closer my darling, I zest vant to keess your neck.” 

So, last night I was eating with some friends, Hi Jan, and we were discussing whether the appetizer we were eating had lemon or orange zest in it.  Now for those of you who aren’t much into cooking, this may be foreign to you.  Back in the old days lemon zest was called grated lemon rind.  That was before the Food Network changed our vocabulary.  I for one am glad that we can now call it lemon zest instead of grated lemon rind.  I mean really,”Come closer my darling, I rind vant to keess your neck” zest does not have the same effect.

Anyway, back to last night, we were at an event to honor amazing holocaust survivors.  The word that was used over and over to describe these resilient individuals was their zest for life. They are role models for having a positive outlook after experiencing the worst of humanity.

Do you find yourself lacking in zest for life?  Here is one way to help you develop a zest for your own life. Sexy veggies! Yes, it is true; a diet rich in veggies improves your emotional well being. Use citrus zest instead of salt to spice up your sexy veggies so you can experience a greater zest for life. 

Boring details about zest: 

You can read this, if you vant. 

Zest is the outermost rind of citrus fruits (usually lemons and oranges).

To remove the zest from the fruit, use a utensil called a zester (a very clever name) or a grater (the old name used for the old grated lemon rind) will also work.

Zest be careful to grate only the colored part of the rind (and not your knuckles- which might bring out the vampires). The white part can taste bitter. 

I hope you don’t think I am overdoing this whole zest thing.

I zest vant to help you.   

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