What’s in Your Blood?

During the last few years there, is an increasing  fascination with vampires. Apparently, vampires suck blood. I only know this from the movies. I personally do not know any vampires. However, I do know WHY vampires love blood. Human blood used to be made up of water and electrolytes and iron and other natural things. This blood was very boring. So, humans decided that it would be much more fun if their blood was made up of soda pop. (Depending on what part of the country you live in this may be called “pop,” “soda,” or “sodie.”) Humans now do not drink water. I have many clients who actually tell me they don’t like water. How can you not like water? Anyway, instead of drinking water and having nice healthy watery blood, they drink soda pop. Their blood is primarily made up of some form of corn syrup. I assume that vampires do not like “blood,” they like “sugar.” I am sure statistics would back this up. Just compare the linear correlation between the increase in consumption of sugary drinks and the increase in vampires. A perfect match. So, if you insist on drinking sugary stuff instead of water, I would suggest that you sleep with a cross in your hand every night, if you dare to fall asleep. (Sleeping with a cross in your hand every night is a good way to fall asleep even if you drink lots of water, too.)  Night! Night!

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