Dietitian Faces Facebook Test

Dietitian in Kansas City is Not too Proud to Beg

I am really not too proud to beg.  I beg and plead all of the time.  I guess I have to find a more effective method to help my friends make healthier choices, huh?  I beg my friends to eat more veggies.  I plead with my friends to stop eating breakfast sandwiches (high in everything bad and low in everything good).  My wise friend says I should “save my breath to blow on my soup. (Soup- too high in sodium). 

However, I refuse to give up.  I refuse to roll over.  I am on a mission and no French fry is going to stop me.  I will not be destroyed by donuts. 

OK, so I get a little carried away but I want you all to know that veggies are sexy and naked carbs are not! 

So here I am begging again. 

I need some friends.

I hear you. 

Who wants to be friends with someone who takes away donuts and breakfast sandwiches?

Today I am begging you to do something that is so much easier than changing your diet.

Would you please, with sugar on it, (I have reached the bottom as a dietitian when I have to put sugar on my begging), pretty please “LIKE” me?  Will you pretty please with sugar on it ask your friends to LIKE me too?  I promise I will not take their cookies and pizza away. 

Just click the LIKE button in this box.  My webititians (these are experts in web stuff) say I desperately need more people to like me.  (They don’t understand what it’s like to be a Dietitian.  They expect the impossible.)

Thank-you.  And to show my appreciation I want you to go and enjoy a nice piece of extra dark chocolate.  Don’t worry; I am magically removing all of the calories (only for the next 10 minutes).


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