Things a Kansas City Dietitian Can Do In One Day

Things a Kansas City Dietitian Can Do In One Day

  1. Eat a wonderful breakfast of whole grains, berries and almonds
  2. Make a patient really angry just by asking the innocent question, “What did you eat last night?” 
  3. Write a Blog on Naked Carbohydrates.
  4. Lose One pound on the One Day Diet

Our “Get Fit” group was challenged this week to follow the One Day Diet and lose one pound and keep it off. 

This is a great diet tool for helping you to eat in a healthier manner and lose some weight in the process. 

If you lose 1 pound per week you can lose 52 pounds in 1 year.  You can lose 104 pounds in 2 years.  You can lose 208 pounds in 3 years.  You can lose…..

Losing 52 pounds in 1 year is an amazing feat.  It is also the very best way to lose weight.  By losing weight slowly and constantly you are keeping your body from being stressed at weight loss.  Your body prefers the status quo.  It will fight you.  Talking about fighting reminds me, last night RAW LIVE was in Kansas City.  I love RAW.  It provides intellectually stimulating entertainment.  Oh wait, I mixed that up.  I always mix up RAW LIVE and Politicians in LIVE debate.  Sorry. 

Anyway, your body will fight to continue the status quo.  By sneakily eating healthy and reducing calories slightly your body is caught off guard and actually lets you lose weight in a healthy manner. 

So, if you haven’t tried it yet I encourage everyone including politicians and RAW stars to try Wonder Dietitian’s famous One Day Diet!

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