Kansas City Dietitian Discusses the Power of 8

The Power of 8

Did you know that most diets only last 8 weeks?  Did you know that most people lose an average of only 8 pounds?

Did you know a human head weighs 8 pounds?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HR6n_EQqcCg

So if you cut your head off you could lose those 8 pounds quickly. 

Doesn’t give us much hope does it? 

That’s because DIETS don’t work.  Making healthy lifestyle changes do work. This is your life we are talking about, for heaven’s sake, not just trying to look good for some wedding or something!

Instead of “going on a diet” begin making healthy lifestyle choices.  Choose a healthy breakfast.  What you eat for breakfast sets you up for success or failure for the rest of the day.  Remember to choose protein for breakfast rather than carbohydrates or fat.  Protein will keep you feeling full, is low in calories and won’t challenge your blood sugar.  See a healthy protein list here. 

Other scary interesting facts:

Did you know that Type 2 Diabetes begins 15 years before you start having elevated blood sugars?

Did you know that Alzheimer’s disease is related to diet? 

Did you know that the average super bowl watcher consumes over 1200 calories during the game?

Did you know that dietitians rarely develop diabetes, Alzheimer’s or watch the super bowl? 

 Naw, I just made that up.

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