Kansas City Dietitian Checks Out the Neighborhood

And if you don’t know where you are going to live then you better check out your neighborhood. 

In the last couple of blogs we were trying to figure out where we were going to live if our body forecloses on us.  Here is another project you might want to do- check out your neighborhood. 

The environment in which you live will either make or break a healthy lifestyle. 

Look around.  Do you see junk food everywhere?  Is there a candy dish sitting on the counter?  Are there chips calling your name from the pantry? 

Today is your first day of a new healthy lifestyle. This new life is not about dieting.  This is about choosing healthy options in all things.  Do you live in a healthy environment or an unhealthy one? 

Today I am offering you a “Free Gift.” 


Oh no, I have just brought up another difficult issue to ponder. 

Aren’t all gifts free?  If it’s not free it isn’t really a gift, is it?  So, ponder this issue while you are cleaning out your pantry. 

*Guess why this picture is in this Blog and win a Free gift.

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