Kansas City Dietitian Hits the Bars

I know you are shocked by this admission. 

 I actually don’t even like bars.  I call them cookies.

(I’m sure at this point you are totally confused.  Bars…Cookies….is she talking about some bar named Cookie’s?)    

Time to clear up the confusion.  Many people like to eat Breakfast Bars and believe they are a meal replacement.  I ask them to read the label.  They are basically eating a cookie that is called a bar.  Compare the bar label to your cookie of choice and you will find the same basic ingredients except the bar will have more calories than the cookie. 

So, if you insist on eating a bar for breakfast, then you might as well eat a decent cookie.  Why waste calories on a dry bar?

That being said I know that our lives are crazy.  I almost never run into someone who actually sits down and eats a good breakfast.  Everyone wants to grab something fast as they run out of the door.  If you are one of these people I have a couple of recommendations.   

My absolute favorite bar is the Larabar.  It is made of dried fruits and nuts.  It is real food. 

I also like CLIF bars.  They are high in protein and fiber. 

Kashi bars are also on the acceptable list. 

If you are tempted to eat a bar of some sort for breakfast make sure it has at least 5 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber.  There are lots of new bars out there.  (It seems like one on every corner.)  Be sure to read the ingredients and if you cannot pronounce the ingredient or if there is a long list of chemicals put it back. 

And remember, it is not good to go to the bar every day.  Use them only on days that you have no other choices. 

Another easy and great choice is to grab a hand full of raw unsalted almonds and a hand full of dried apricots as you tear out the door. 

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