Kansas City Dietitian Admits Defeat!

Okay, Okay, I give up.  Stop sending emails begging me for another blog entry.  I know you have missed me.  I know you are anxiously awaiting my scolding words to get you back on track again.

Sorry, but I’ve been busy.  Sometimes a dietitian actually has to work to help pay the bills.  (For some reason my blog writing is not motivating people to send me large amounts of cash although I always offer that opportunity.  Hint. Please send large amounts of cash now.) 

It is time once again for you to go back to the simple basics.  That’s right.  The Simple Diet filled with lots of colors and healthy protein.  It’s simple to understand and simple to follow.  (Although sometimes not so easy to actually DO.) 

I was talking with a new friend last week and she told me about the diet that she has been on.  She has to eat 1 pound of raw veggies and 1 pound of cooked veggies every day.  

That is one tough sexy diet, particularly for the Midwest taste buds.  Midwesterners think they are supposed to eat 1 pound of barbequed ribs and 1 pound of seasoned fries every day.  This is a very tough crowd to sell Sexy Veggies to. 

But, now Wonder Dietitian is BACK!!  And armed with new diet ideas.  My new diet will be called the Wonder One Pounder Diet.  It has a nice ring.  Not nearly as nice as my Knock Knock Joke Diet, but still a nice ring. 

So, I will now give you a choice, you can either get back on the horse and the Simple Diet OR I will require you to begin the Wonder One Pounder.  Go ahead. Weigh out 1 pound of salad.  Now weigh out 1 pound of cooked squash. 

The Simple Diet vs. The Wonder One Pounder.

You Choose.

Knock Knock!

Who’s there?


Orange who?

Orange you glad I’m back?

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