Kansas City Dietitian has Fight with Body

Sometimes I get really mad at my body.  Do you?  I mean why can’t I do what I darn well please?  If I want to have pop and chips for lunch, why can’t I?  Why does this dumb ole body think it can control me? I’m just sick of it; I tell you, just sick of it. 

I bet you have had some of these same thoughts.  For some reason there is almost no communication between our head and our body.  Our head says, “Chocolate… French fries… ice cream…”  Our body says, “riboflavin… vitamin D…. calcium…”  We are at constant war within ourselves.  The body demanding that we take care of it and the head demanding instant gratification.  (Oh my, where is that Wonder Dietitian when I need her?) 

If the head wins out, we find ourselves on blood pressure medications, statin drugs, and blood sugar medications.  If the body wins out then we feel great and need very few medications. But, our poor whiny head feels deprived.  

It’s a constant battle.  Some days the body wins and some days the head wins.  Unfortunately, the body wins in the end.  The body starts acting up and then the head has to deal with it. 

Through meditation you can become more aware of your body and what it is saying. You can make better choices even when your head is fighting you.   

If you don’t start listening, beware, your body may sneak up and give you a sucker punch.  

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