Kansas City Dietitian Defines Intense

Some of my clients say I am intense (and I don’t mean like in camping,…think about it.) I suppose you could say I am intense about helping people feel good. People who live an unhealthy lifestyle are used to living in a dull state of physical lethargy. Fast foods are addicting and cause you to feel depressed. That depressed feeling leads you to hunt for immediate gratification which leads you right back to the fast food. It is a never ending cycle.

If you start your day with a sausage biscuit you are setting your day up for failure. You will feel lethargic and need a pick me up and head for a 44 ouncer. I guarantee if you make one simple change you will feel better all day and be more inclined to make good decisions the rest of the day.

Start your day with with a breakfast that includes blue, red, purple. Berries are coming into season. This is a great time to eat blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries. Have these with a handful of almonds and you are off to a good day. Now this is what I call fast food. Save on gas at the drive through by berrying.

Nuts and berries also make great camping food, just in case you are “in tents” like me.

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