The One Day Diet

Yesterday I had a client ask me about the diet where you put drops under your tongue and another diet where you sprinkle stuff on your food.  A quick fix is desired by everyone. I have come to the rescue.


And I have created The One Day Diet

Yes, you read correctly.  It truly is a One Day Diet. 

You can read about the complete diet on my website.  I have had clients lose 50 pounds in one year by following this diet.

I know I have told you that I have been confused with Carol Burnett.  But, I haven’t told you I have been confused with Lynda Carter.  Yes, when I put on my golden arm bands and my Veggies are Sexy T-shirt people walk up to me on the street and ask me if I am the real Wonder Woman. 

I answer politely, “Oh no, I am the real Wonder Dietitian.”  They’re coming to take me away, ha, ha….

Back to reality.  Check out the One Day Diet.  It works.  It’s healthy. And you’ll like it.