Eat Right, Stay Fit, Die Anyway

I was thinking about a conversation I had with my nephew. (He always makes me think a lot AFTER the conversation. He IS a trained lawyer and to top it off, a trained psychologist. He can read your mind and argue with it faster than you can think it. Scary!) He asked me if I had eaten my breakfast like a King. I had to admit no, I had not. The secret is out. I am not perfect. (Dietitians are supposed to be perfect. That is why no one ever asks us over for dinner.) 

But, contrary to popular belief (and my own website) you can actually Not follow my Simple Diet one day out of the week and it will have very little impact on your overall health. 

I try to encourage clients to eat right and exercise 90% of the time. Then, the 10% of the time that you “get wild and crazy” will be a mere blip. Your weight won’t change, your health won’t change. Life is good. 

The problem starts when you allow that 10% to become 15%, then 20%…

Follow the Simple Diet Monday-Friday. Saturday have a meal you have been just dying for. Sunday enjoy a special Brunch after church.  This makes the Simple Diet workable and easy to follow. 

My nephew also said that when he turns 87 he is going to let loose and do whatever he feels like. I agree. 

Thanks Jay, for making me think. Now, start following my Simple Diet. I love you.  Aunt Carol  

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