The Simple Diet Step 1

Today is the first day of The Simple Diet. The Simple Diet is simple. It is easy to understand but not always easy to follow. It is guaranteed to be effective. I would like to write a book and make millions from this diet but that probably isn’t going to happen. So I will just teach it to you one simple blog at a time.

Step 1: Eat three meals each day. Limit snacks to fresh fruit or veggies.

  • This means: Eat Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
  • If you find you are hungry between meals, you did not eat a good meal. It takes between 3 and 4 hours for the stomach to empty after eating a meal, so you should not feel hungry.
  • Keep fresh fruit and veggies washed and ready in your frig at all times, for emergencies.
  • We will talk about emergencies in the Epilogue of my million dollar  book.
  • Ignore any diet or recommendation to eat three small meals and three snacks each day. This will not work. This does not maintain stable blood sugar as advertisers would have you to believe.

That’s all, folks. Step 1 is extremely important. That is why it is Step 1. Sometimes when I counsel clients I stop at this step for a week or two. It is revolutionary. People find they eat less just by following Step 1.

See why I call this The Simple Diet?

There are more steps. You may read ahead. I give extra credit points and stickers.

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