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I hope you like me. I like you. I want to be your friend. I am feeling a bit lonely. People do not like dietitians. We take your food away. What’s there to like about that? I am asking you to like me for only 1 minute. I have had a lot of people tell me they can’t find me on the Internet when they try to find a Kansas City Dietitian. Will you help? Please go to my website and scroll down the right side of the page to ”Find Us on Facebook.” Click on “Like.” I have been told this will move me up in the search engines and then people can find me. What’s in it for you? I will send a “Veggies are Sexy” T-shirt to the 100th person who likes me. (Dietitians have to buy their friends. It’s a sad truth.) I promise I will like you if you will like me. Why do I feel like I am in 7th grade again? Write me a note and give it to me in the hall between 6th and 7th period. I really do like you.  
Veggies Are Sexy T-Shirt
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