Hot Sauce will Fix Anything

My husband loves my cooking. He is so easy to cook for. He will happily eat any weird thing I put on his plate. Most of the time he doesn’t even ask what it is.

His secret- Cholula hot sauce.
If I give him black beans and quinoa he happily douses it with Cholula and cleans his plate. If I give him portabella mushroom pizzas- chili pepper sauce makes it go down easily. Blackened salmon and broccoli. Yep, just a little Cholula makes it even better. I have discovered the key to being a great cook. Put Cholula on the table. He has discovered the key to making me think I am a great cook, douse whatever it is with hot sauce. We have a perfect marriage. Hot and spicy. Thanks for eating my experiments for the last 38 years. You are the best and I love you for it!

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