Diet on a Cruise

I just returned from my first cruise. My patients thought it was very funny that I would go on a cruise since the reason people go on a cruise is to EAT! One day we decided to have a progressive lunch. We started at the top of the ship and worked our way down sampling foods as we went. The best word I would use to describe the food is “EXCESS”! As I struggled to eat in a reasonable manner, my thoughts turned to one of my standard statements for my clients. To be successful you have to create an “environment for success.” A cruise is a perfect example of an “environment for failure.” There is tantalizing free food every few feet. If you desire to be successful at maintaining a healthy weight, you must make sure your environment will encourage you. Look around. What are you tempted by? Get rid of it. I always say, “better in the waste than on the waist.” And by the way, as a warning to all of you who would like to invite me to take a cruise with you.  It is no fun being with a dietitian at a 24/7 buffet for 7 days! Just ask Lance, our traveling buddy.

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