Breakfast! Brrrreakfast!
When I was a kid my best friend owned parrots. They were great entertainment. Suzan and I would start giggling and that would set the birds off. They would be laughing and shrieking. This would make her mom so mad at us. (Her mom was a great cook. She introduced me to Mexican food and changed my life forever.) Sorry, I digress. Anyway, in the morning when it was time to eat breakfast the birds would start screaming “Brrrreakkkffasstttt!” They would scream until they finally got their breakfast. I wish I could give each of you a parrot to live in your house and I would train it to scream “Brrreakkfffassttt” and keep screaming until you fixed a nice breakfast for yourself and then sat down and ate it. What do I mean by a nice breakfast? There are so many great choices I hardly know where to start. Currently, this is my favorite breakfast. I take about ¾ cup fresh blueberries and fresh blackberries. Right now, I love blackberries! I love the way each of the little pockets of juice squish in my mouth and send happy sweet tastes to my tongue. OK, so I’m a little weird. So, I rinse the berries and pour them into my bowl. I top the bowl with ¼ cup Kirkland’s Nature’s Path Ancient Grains Granola with Almonds. Yes, I measure it. I just take my ¼ cup measure and use it to scoop out the cereal. Why do I measure it? Because it is really easy to eat way too much cereal and the calories just sneak in. OK, on with the cereal recipe. Then I top it with a hand full of almonds. I don’t count these but it is usually around 15. Then I pour fat free skim milk on top and I have a super nutritious, super delicious breakfast. It is high in antioxidants from the berries, high in fiber from the berries and cereal and almonds, high in protein from the cereal, milk and nuts and has just the right amount of healthy fat to help my body absorb all of those nutrients. And best of all, I won’t be hungry for hours!
So treat yourself today to “BBBRRRReakkkkffffasttt!”
Suzan, I miss those giggling days with you!

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