Do You Have the “Last Supper Mentality”?

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I had my first Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s a couple of years ago and forever my life was changed. After my friend offered me one I knew I had to get more. She warned me that the stores typically sell out early in the season. On more than one occasion I’ve given the worker a good chuckle as I sheepishly ask if there are any more, weeks after they’ve flown off the shelves. This year, I was determined to get my hands on a box, so this week I made my way to Trader Joe’s and  I walked out with 3 boxes to last me through the holidays, or at least the weekend. This post isn’t really just about my love for Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s, it’s about what I call the “last supper mentality.”  This mentality plagues so many of us through the holiday season, when our favorite one-time-of-year treats are offered.  When we have this mentality we act as if this may be the last time we get this delicacy, so we must over indulge in it. Just like me and my Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s I rush to get a box and walk out with 3, because with the last supper mentality this may be the last time I ever get one.

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Trader Joe's Joe Joe;s

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The biggest problem with this is not that we allow ourselves to eat the treats, (I am a big fan of the all foods fit mentality), the problem is that we overdo it and as a result we are left at the end of the holiday season with a whole batch of bad habits that we have to “Resolve” out of our lives.

The answer isn’t just to restrict ourselves from ever enjoying these treats. I shared in another post why restricting isn’t the answer. The solution is to avoid the Last Supper Mentality and mindfully eat our way through our favorite treats.

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3 Tips to Mindfully Eat Your Way Through The Holidays 

  1. Take small bites and chew each one 10 times. Research shows that we don’t really taste our food until we get to close to 10 chews.
  2. Describe your food. Jot down what it looks like, what it smells like, and the texture.  Slowing down and engaging all the senses maximizes the experience with the food and can leave you more satisfied.
  3. Practice positive self-talk, enjoy one serving of your favorite food and follow the two previous tips.  Then if you still find yourself reaching for more, determine if you are still hungry. If you aren’t still hungry having another serving isn’t going to make you feel better. Think of something else that you enjoy to do instead, start your Christmas list, curl up with a blanket and watch your favorite Christmas movie, or call a favorite relative to catch up.


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