Each year we eagerly wait for the ball to drop; for a fresh start. We long for each year to be THE year…. the year to get organized, or lose weight, or gain control of your finances or finally run that marathon. But responsibilities get in the way and those goals slip out of reach, sometimes sooner in the year than we would like to admit. But we try anyway, don’t we?

Don’t worry you aren’t alone; there is a reason that our strict New Year’s Resolutions aren’t sticking year-after-year. I have 3 science-based reasons that you should skip the juice cleanses, colon cleanses, and ultimate cabbage diet.

Skipping the restrictive diets as part of your New Year’s Resolution may help you keep your resolutions for the first time.

Let’s look at three reasons why those restrictive diets don’t work.


3 Reasons I don’t do restrictive diets:

  1. Restrictive diets effect your brain. Have you ever wondered why your new diet hasn’t been successful? Imagine all of your self-discipline as a glass of water. Everything in our life requires a little bit of discipline. Getting up in the morning, paying your bills, picking an apple over a cookie, putting away the Christmas decorations. Sometimes in seasons that are harder than others our glass is empty before we even make it to our self-care. By adopting an approach to wellness that encompasses every area of your life (family, work, exercises, etc), you can stretch your discipline.
  2. Restrictive diets effects your emotions. Food sends our brain positive “pleasure signals.” Other things, like petting a dog, or exercise can also send these positive signals. We can adjust and replace these pleasure signals, but if we cut out these pleasure inducing things all together we can get pretty grouchy.
  3. Restrictive diets effects our weight, and not in the way that we want. By the age of 40 most women have been on over 60 diets. That is over 1 diet per year, and in general women who go on diets return to a higher weight than before. There are a number of reasons for this but in general it is because we are bouncing back and forth between extremes.


The point of this “restrictive diet”exposé is not to just throw in the towel and give up on your nutrition-related resolutions all together, the point is to share about the no-diet approach with mindful eating practices can help you achieve the lifestyle that you want. Even Oprah is following a similar approach after years of dieting.


If you are ready to finally keep your resolution this year join my free What If? Mini course. In this class we will expose how our years of dieting has influenced our brain and start to unravel piece by piece what we can do to make permanent changes, not just fulfill a New Years Resolution.