Some people see the glass half full.

Some people have notions that are half-baked

Some people go off half-cocked.

Babies run around half-naked.

Today I have a half-baked notion that is half-full of optimism to make you Whole Healthy.  In my profession I spend most of my day with people who are angry, shocked, in denial, etc.

They truly believe that it is not their fault when they “suddenly” develop diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, diverticulitis and the list goes on….

I am kind and compassionate as I gently lead them toward the truth but “DUH”!

If you:

Sit most of your life.

Eat food that is high in salt, low in fiber, high in fat and high in sugar


You are slowly developing these maladies.
Fortunately I have half an answer.


BROG!  Blue, Red, Orange, Green

(BTW-Color is found in fruits and vegetables not jelly beans.)

If you follow this ONE simple rule you will become whole healthy.

Anyone with half a brain can do this.

Speaking of-

Math question:  if Congress has half a brain and the Senate has half a brain, and you add the two together, what do you get?

That’s a no-Boehner.


Luv, WD

The Half-Baked Kansas City Dietitian



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