A Salad A Day Keeps the Dietitian Away

(And trust me; you want to keep me as far away as possible!)

3 Things that Happened to Me Yesterday

1.  I met with a new client.  After an hour of counseling we were able to set a goal for him- “Eat one bite of one vegetable each day.”

2.  I scheduled a new client.  When I introduced myself he enthusiastically agreed to schedule an appointment with me. The person next to him, who happens to be a very long time client of mine burst out laughing stating,” Well that’s a new one.  I have never seen anyone who actually wanted to meet with you.”  (FYI-Dietitians need tough skin and a soft heart.)

3.  I met with a new client.  She was a lovely lady who was shocked at my simple recommendations for her to eat at least one salad and one additional vegetable each day.  She responded “I always eat a salad every day!”

And thus goes my days.  I should have asked client number 3 to counsel clients numbered 1 and 2. I could have gone home.

Because, you see, eating healthy is a no brainer.  According to the now infamous Mediterranean Diet the goal is to eat one salad every day and at least one additional vegetable.

You don’t have to use coconut oil.  You don’t have to look for gluten free vegetables (BTW all veggies are already gluten free).  You don’t have to eat low carb or high protein.

How simple can it be?

  1. Eat a salad with lots of veggies.
  2. Eat an additional vegetable.

If I had known that being a nutritionist was this easy I would not have gone through years of college and multiple degrees.

Of course, that takes us back to client number 1.  Where was his mother when he was growing up, anyway?

Good grief people-eat a salad, eat a vegetable and teach your children and grandchildren to do the same.

And now you know why my long term client in number 2 LOLed. (And you also might know why my kids think I can’t TEXT)

And you also know why eating a salad every day will keep the annoying and much feared dietitian away.


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