Breaking News! Sugar is Bad for You!

I heard shocking news today.  Yes, this is definitely Breaking News….

Did you know, “Sugar is bad for you?”  Can you believe it?  They said it leads to weight gain, diabetes, elevated triglycerides and heart disease.  Could this possibly be true?  I am just so surprised!

But, there is more to the story.  Apparently, there is sugar in juice, pops, coffee drinks and even ketchup.  Like salt, it is everywhere.  And it seems that much of our sugar intake is at breakfast.  Toast, muffins, juice,   sweetened cereals, coffees, etc.  Who knew?

And to top this off, these foods containing sugar often also contain white flour.  AND, white flour also raises blood sugars and triglycerides!  (I can’t take all of this breaking news!) 

Perhaps you should start your day with protein.  Almonds, walnuts, Greek style yogurt, veggie omelets, protein smoothies with berries….

I wonder what the next shocking story will be.  I hope they don’t decide that fried chicken and gravy is bad for you.  That would be a real bummer! 

I am reminded of a very wise comment made by a two year old.  He is the son of a cardiologist friend.  When offered a sugar cookie he adamantly refused because “Sugar makes your teeth fall out.”  Who knew that he is better informed than 90% of my clients. 

Love with Sugar on it,


A humorous nutrition Blog written by Glenna Moe, Kansas City Dietitian


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