Take your Sexy Veggies to the Spa

Every day we see BREAKING NEWS research, (Have you noticed that everything these days is BREAKING NEWS?  Breaking news… gas prices going up….breaking news….gas prices going down….breaking news…..gas prices unchanged.  When are they going to start scrolling across the bottom of the screen… same news as yesterday…veggies are the key to health….veggies seen in reducing diabetes …..veggies seen in reducing Alzheimer’s….)

This is the same old news that your Grandmother told you 50 years ago is:  Eat your veggies to stay healthy! 

Today we are going to learn how to treat your veggies to a day at the spa so …BREAKING NEWS…veggies can taste great!

Pick your favorite root vegetable.  (Root root root for the home team.  If they don’t win it’s a shame… for its 1, 2, 3 strikes you’re out at the old health game…)

Root veggies include beets, sweet potatoes, onions, potatoes, carrots, parsnips and others.

Today we will take our Sexy Beet to the Spa. 

Sexy Beet has a day at the Spa

Set the Mood:  Turn the lights down.  Start a CD with ocean sounds.  Light a sandalwood candle.

Start with an entire beet, root and all. 

Gently rub the beet with a soft brush to exfoliate the dead skin cells. Rinse under warm pure mountain stream water. 

Pat dry with a fluffy Turkish towel. 

Mix fresh Italian extra virgin organic olive oil with freshly dried organic herbs deprovence.  Using a mortar and pestle gently press the virgin herbs into the oil while humming a soft Italian melody.

Rub the oil gently into the beet in a circular motion to work the oil deep into the beet’s tissues. 

After the beet is well oiled place in a lightly oiled pan.  Tell him that he is getting ready for the tanning bed.  We don’t want to stress him.  Place the pan into an oven pre-heated to a toasty 350 degrees.  Do not cover.  Leave him naked.  Roast for about 30 minutes or until a fork easily pierces the beet’s freshly oiled skin.  Plug your ears so you don’t hear the tiny blood curdling scream coming from the roasting beet. 

When tender remove from oven. 

Serve whole to your eager guests.  They can slice the beet in half and eat like a baked potato.  The skin is optional. 

Any root vegetable will love this spa experience.  And your guests will love the results. 

(This whole veggie Spa thing is creeping me out.  If it makes you feel less squeamish follow this:  Take a beet, scrub it under some water, dry it off, rub olive oil on it, throw it in the oven at 350 degrees for about ½ hour, take out when tender and eat.) 

Another hint:  add delicious sexy roasted beets to hummus for a terrific treat. 

Sexy Veggie Spa Blog written by Glenna Moe, Kansas City Dietitian    


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