Kansas City Dietitian Reveals Snake Oil


Snake Oil Salesmen


I thought that since we talked about Snake Oil Salesmen last week we should at least talk a little more about snake oil.


Snake oil is primarily lipo-unsaturated fat and rich in Vitamins F and G. When used regularly you will find your hair will be shinier and your waist will be tinier.


And the sad truth is- you are probably half- reading this while you are driving your car home from work and are half believing it.


1. Put your phone down and drive. I am in the car behind you and you just about killed that poor little old lady in the other lane.


2. There is no such thing as lip-unsaturated fat, Vitamins F or G.




Please stop wasting your money on supplements, weight loss aids, breakfast bars and pedicures. (Just threw that one in for fun.)




Tomorrow we will talk about healthy fats to include in your diet and unhealthy fats to disclude (see how many made up words WD has used in the last 5 Blogs this evening while watching old NCIS re-runs.)


Until our next meeting, enjoy your snake oil. And don’t forget to take your Vitamin J capsule. 2000 mgs./day


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