Dietitian in Kansas City Welcomes Newbies!

Welcome to all of the new “Get Fit” readers! This Blog is dedicated to encourage all of my friends to eat more Sexy Veggies. We have just added a new group of readers from the “Get Fit” group.

 *Warning to new readers- this Blog is not meant for the weak-kneed mamby pamby dieter. This Blog is for the strong and courageous. Together we will leap tall piles of French fries. We will cross raging floods of orange cheese sauce. It will take brave resolve and determination. I am certain you will succeed. Just ask the “Healthier Me” group who has gone before you. They have bravely faced steamed broccoli and the Monday morning weigh in. They are Heroes of the Cause!

You are joining an elite group of dedicated eaters. Welcome to the world of sexy veggies and naked carbs! You are going to love it!

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