Kansas City Dietitian Finds Treasure

My little pea-pickin heart is so blessed.  (Extra point if you know where “pea-pickin” originated.) I treasure every one of my friends.  I am happy to report I have a new friend.  (I know, hard to believe that a joy-sucking dietitian could have friends.) 

This week I received an email from my new friend, Julia.  I am including an excerpt from her email.

“Glenna:  You came and talked with our class some time ago.  

Skeptic that I am, my thought when I heard you discuss the smoothie was “seriously?”  But we began using your recipe shortly after your visit and have nothing but wonderful things to say.  The next-day difference is amazing. We are such believers in them that we prepared and drank them after we ran a half-marathon. We could actually walk the next day and we give the credit to you.  You have won us over and we have been praising your smoothies and spreading your name to all we talk with.

We have also, since your visit, accepted (slowly) that vegetables are our friends.  I printed out some of your recipes and have been experimenting with my own.

The information you provided not only changed the way we approach running, but our lifestyle.  We are grateful that you took the time to talk with our class and thank you for your wonderful advice.”

Now I know that you, too, are a skeptic, and think that I made this email up to sell my Smoothies.  (Oh wait, I don’t sell them, I GIVE THEM AWAY for FREE!)  But, these are my new friend Julia’s words, not mine.  And these words are the reason I do what I do every day.  Thank-you Julia!!!  You have made my day!!! 

I also hope I can count you all as my friends.  And I hope my blogs “Bless the socks off your little pea-pickin heart.”

(Does anyone remember Tennessee Ernie Ford?)

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