Kansas City Dietitian Expands Knock Knock Joke Diet!

Knock Knock!

Who’s there?


Omelet who?

Omelet healthier when I eat green. 

I promised no more Knock Knock jokes. Sorry. I lied. I can’t think of a better diet than a Knock Knock Joke Diet. When I start talking with my clients about diets they get real grouchy. It is time for CHANGE!

Now really, who can be upset with a cute little old dietitian who tells them they need to follow the Knock Knock Joke Diet? I think I have found the magic ticket to help people follow a healthy diet. While we are on the subject of a healthy diet let’s at least mention the idea of including the color green in your diet every day.  

Green is the easiest color of all to add into a diet. You will find green in salads and fruits and many vegetables. Even a farmer from the Midwest will eat green beans and canned peas. Children also like green things like Oscar the Grouch. 

That brings us back to the subject of being grouchy. It is time to embrace your new “happy” diet. The Knock Knock Joke Diet is here to stay! I know you are all relieved to hear this news!

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