Kansas City Dietitian Decides to Take a Shower

I usually get up in the morning, throw on my running gear and head outside for a run or downstairs to my treadmill. After my run I spend about ½ an hour practicing yoga. Then, I fix my bowl of berries and almonds. At some point during the day I jump into the shower. If I forget this important step, my kids will remind me. They drop by and the first words out of their mouths are, “Are you sick?” This is my first indication that perhaps I don’t look or smell too good. 

Showering is a good thing. It washes off that sweat residue made up of SALT and other yucky stuff. 

You are probably wondering what the heck I am dribbling on about. There is a point here, I promise. 

Last night we were dining out in a very nice establishment with my favorite youngest daughter and her favorite person/friend/guy. A side note here. It is not easy for a young man to dine with our family. We are likely to scrutinize everything he eats and make encouraging comments like, “You aren’t going to order that, are you?” And “What do you mean, you don’t like broccoli?” So, anyway, this wonderful young man-who-does-not-like-veggies made the comment after reading my most recent blog that he thought black beans were high is salt. 

This was an excellent observation. First, because it shows he is actually reading my blogs. This is BIG. Second, it shows that he is actually getting nutrition information from my blogs. This is also BIG. 

The answer to this keen observation is yes, canned beans and any other canned goods can be loaded with salt. A can of black beans can contain 1400 mgs. of sodium. If you are trying to limit your sodium intake to 1500 mgs. per day, this can be an issue. 

Once again, Wonder Dietitian to the rescue. (Aren’t you glad you have me to rescue you?) The next time you take a shower open the can of beans, pour them into a strainer, place the strainer on the floor of the shower and then as you are rinsing the sweat off from your body you can at the same time be rinsing the sodium off the black beans. 

Perhaps this does not appeal to you. If not, then just set the strainer in the kitchen sink and run cold water over the beans for about a minute. This will rinse off approximately ½ of the sodium. Of course, you can also cook dried beans in water and keep the sodium to a minimum. 

Well, it is time for me and my black beans to go and take a shower. We are going to also share our dinner tonight. (The poor black beans do not know they are going to be part of my dinner. I hope they enjoy their very last shower.) 

(Jim, the wonderful young man-who-does-not-like-veggies, has been hoping for a cameo in my blog so here it is.  Say Hi to Jim everyone!)

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