Confessions of A Dietitian: I’m NOT a Photographer





I have a prized possession, it is a red bound Betty Crocker cookbook. The copyright is 1969. It was my Grammy’s cookbook, and she was a great baker. This cookbook has the recipes for anything you could possibly want to make from scratch.


As I scrolled through pictures on Instagram the other day I started to think about my red cookbook. Do you know what ISN’T in my cookbook? Lots of pretty pictures. Back in the Betty Crocker cookbook days, you followed the recipe and if it tasted right, who cared what it looked like. Flash-forward to the Instagram days. It is kind of the opposite, if it looks right who cares what it tastes like. Sometime I feel like I have to make excuses. #dietitianNOTphotographer But I promise what I make tastes good.

Will you still be my friend? 




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