Fall Into Paleo Program

Fall into Paleo: 30 Day Challenge

Have you wondered WHAT Paleo is, HOW to start it, or even IF you should start it?

In this 30 day program we will introduce and explore Paleo in a whole new way. We will talk about the health benefits and dispel the myths. This program is great for beginners wanting to lose weight, and Paleo experts just needing a little accountability.

Cost: $15

For only $15 you will receive a new plan each week with 5 meals incorporating our Paleo healthy habit. This will include the recipe and shopping list.

Program starts Monday October 19th.


Option 1 – Weight Loss: Each week you will submit your weights. The person that has lost the greatest % of weight during the 30 days will win a cash prize.

Option 2 – Paleo Challenge: Each week you will get points for exercise, and accomplishing the healthy habit of the week. The person with the most points at the end of the program will win a cash prize.

How do I Sign up?

Fall Into Paleo 30 Day Program


If you are looking to maximize your weight loss, sign up for a 15 minute initial nutrition assessment with the Kansas City Dietitian, for an additional $10 (a $30 dollar value). During this session we will talk about what your calorie goals should be and what things you need to work on to maximize your weight loss. This is optional.

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