Probiotics: Setting the Record Straight

Probiotics: Setting the Record Straight 

I recently read a post on Facebook from a friend who was struggling with adult skin issues and asking for natural alternatives. As I read the thread, one of the remedies suggested was a probiotic supplement. Probiotics have become more and more commonplace as a natural and alternative remedy, but are they really the solution to everything?

Good Gut Health Starts With The Diet

Probiotics as a supplement are NOT a substitute for a poor diet. Most of us understand that if we eat a steady diet of pizza and fried chicken it is not good for our heart health. What we don’t seem to understand is that there is a connection between our diet and our gut. A healthy gut is more than just how much time we spend in the bathroom, it impacts our ability to absorb nutrients and attain a general state of wellbeing.

Probiotics, by definition, are bacteria. They serve to replenish the naturally occurring good bacteria in our guts. Our Microbiome, which is all the bacteria that is present in our gut, develops in infancy. Most researchers agree, C-sections and lack of breastfeeding weigh heavily on the presence of a healthy amount of bacteria in our gut. As adults, we can’t go back and reverse a C-section or an early introduction of formula, but we can adjust our diet to maximize our gut activity.

Carbohydrates, specifically the simple carbohydrates, like cookies, candy and crackers influence our gut health negatively. As we feed our bodies these simple sugars we are actually influencing the bacteria that grows in our guts. With these foods we are encouraging the growth of less desirable bacteria and inhibiting the growth of beneficial bacteria. The easy solution for many people is to try a probiotic.

I am NOT anti-probiotics, search my fridge (that is where most of them need to be stored) and you will find probiotics that I took religiously during my pregnancy and still take weekly. But I think some of the root of the problems we are solving with a probiotic supplement is an unhealthy diet. So, before you pop a pill to clear up your acne or any other ailment, let’s talk about a healthy diet.

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