Think Outside the Bun

If you have been watching the Olympics over the last few days you have probably seen Olympians as the spokespeople for everything from Visa to Chobani. All this product endorsement got us to thinking that maybe with a really catchy slogan the Kansas City Dietitians could be spokespeople too. So we put our heads together and came up with a completely unique slogan, “Think Outside the Bun”.

We often have people ask us how to lower their cholesterol, reduce their risk for diabetes, diminish belly fat, regrow their hair (ok well this week may not help with that last one) through their diet. Our answer? Think outside the bun of course. All of these conditions have been linked to excessive intake of refined carbohydrates.To put it simply there are refined carbohydrates and what we call fine carbohydrates. Fine carbohydrates are those found in fruits, vegetables, beans, and some dairy products. Refined carbohydrates are found in cookies, cakes, chips, breads, crackers, and candy.

This week we want you to reduce your intake of carbs from the refined category to one serving or less per meal. We recommend that you replace your refined carbohydrates with a fine carbohydrate choice. For example, have veggies with dip instead of chips or eat your sandwich toppings on a bed of lettuce instead of bread or a bun. So, think outside the bun and keep your eyes peeled for your Kansas City Dietitians’ endorsement coming soon!

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