The Kansas City Dietitians’ Super-Lonely-Bowl

Dear Loyal Fusion Wellness Challenge Fan,

We thought that going through the last four weeks of challenges had made us quite close.  But as the days have passed and we have not received any Super Bowl party invites, we have learned the hard truth; The Kansas City Dietitian is unloved. We weren’t planning to bring cheese dip, chips, or brats, like your other guests, we were planning to bring something only the Kansas City Dietitian can bring, personality and calorie counting. That’s right, we were selflessly willing to count all your Chex mix and meatball calories, but since we weren’t invited I guess you will have to do it. It’s too late now,  we won’t be watching the game, we will be too busy returning all those nice things we had planned to give you for Valentine’s Day.


The Kansas City Dietitian

P.S. In case you missed it through our tearful words the Fusion Wellness Challenge for week 5 is tracking your calories.  Our favorite websites/apps for tracking your calories are: Myfitnesspal  and FitDay. Be sure to tell us your progress on Facebook and you might want to mention who won the game since we won’t be watching.

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