Did you watch the Olympics?  Did you hold your breath when those amazing athletes dove off those incredibly high platforms?

If you could choose one word to describe each and every one of those athletes, what would it be? 

Self discipline?  Determination?  Expensive? (Sorry, just had to throw that one in.) 

Each and every one of those athletes routinely gets out of bed at O’ Dark Thirty and starts their daily routines.  Some work out for 2 or 3 hours before heading to a full day of work or school and then back to practice until way past my bedtime. 

I was impressed by a very fast young lady named Lolo Jones.  She was interviewed while blending her morning smoothie.  She mixed in protein powder, spinach and some fruit, blended it and took a big swig.  The reporter asked her if it was good.  She grimaced a bit and said “not really”, followed by, “I drink these 365 days a year and I am really getting tired of them.” 

She chooses to drink the smoothie every day because it is good for her and it will help her reach her goal. 

If I could I would follow you around all day and chant, Way to go Bob.. Bill…Sue… Kate… Good job! You can do this!  Eat those veggies!  Drink that Smoothie!  You are training for the Olympics.  Your Gold medal is waiting for you on the winner’s podium. Yes, it is hard but you are strong!

Your winner’s podium will be your 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th or 90th birthday when you jump up there, stand strong, smiling from ear to ear while the Gold Medal is being hung around your neck.  Congratulations for maintaining your healthy strong body! 

You have beaten the politicians.  Let them keep their (Un) Affordable Health Care Act!  You don’t need it. 

Share a Smoothie with someone you love today! What the heck, spread the love and share a Smoothie with a politician today. 

Luv, WD




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