5th Annual Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival

 Did you know- that last weekend they held a Bacon Festival at the Iowa State Fairgrounds?  Yes, these are the same fairgrounds where you could have enjoyed deep fried butter last summer.  

Did you know- that a gentleman suffered a heart attack at The Heart Attack Grill in Vegas last week?

Did you know- this is National Heart Health Month? Just making sure you are keeping up on all of the breaking news.

Did you know- one of the most annoying quotes that people spout off to me is:”Moderation in all things.” 

Did you know- this quote was penned by Aristotle in the context of discussing virtues?

Did you know- this quote has nothing to do with a bacon festival, a 6,000 calorie hamburger or giving yourself an excuse to do whatever you want to do? 

Did you know- this quote does have to do with “temperance”- self control and restraint?

I’m just checking about all of this.  I am starting to think that perhaps

You don’t know…  


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