The voting is over.  Finally we  can get back to some high quality cutting edge nutrition blogging.

Recently I have had the opportunity to discover “WHY.” 

I have heard that one’s life can be changed with just one phone call.  My life has been turned upside down recently with two phone calls. 

Phone Call 1: 

I was changed instantly from being a very hip and cool Dietitian/Mom (and only slightly delusional) to a deeply involved Grandma of a preemie grandson.  Within 4 hours of this phone call I was on a plane in Kansas City bound forPhoenix.  If you have held a preemie in your arms and wrapped your arms around a sobbing daughter you will know how this phone call changed me.  The good news is:  I now have a healthy daughter AND an adorable healthy grandson.  I call him baby K or BBK.  Now I am working on becoming a very cool and hip Dietitian/Mom/Gramma G. (There is much work to be done.) 

Phone Call 2: 

The week following Phone Call 1 I moved from Hospital A to Hospital B to wait for my most precious second born to have surgery.  Phone Call 2 came from this precious daughter this past week with the news that the pathology results came back positive for the big “C” word that everyone fears.  Phone Call 2 took my breath away.  Now I am packing up for my next flight from K.C.  toPhoenix. 

You ask, what does this have to do with my diet?  Yes, Virginia, there is a point…

I have learned “WHY” I doggedly get up each morning and spend quality time with my elliptical, treadmill and yoga mat while my eyes are still fuzzy with sleep.

I have also learned “WHY” I top my berries every morning with oats, almonds and skim milk  and skip the sausage biscuit or donut.  

The best reason in the world for practicing a healthy lifestyle is:  I am strong and healthy and can jump on a plane, pace hospital corridors and hold sick babies and adult children and not worry about forgetting my medications, getting sick, or getting too exhausted.  By taking good care of myself I am able to be there when someone else needs me.  And that is ”WHY” it is worth every single step on the treadmill and every single berry.   

If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it will.  There will be the day you desperately want to do something but you can’t because you are hindered by heart disease/diabetes/hypertension.  Do yourself a favor.  Start taking care of yourself.  You will be glad you did.

And that is “WHY” I stay away from Naked Carbs and enjoy my Sexy Veggies. 

WD (and Gramma G)

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